As the fashion world's love for traditional workwear shows no sign of diminishing, we take a look at one of the most coveted pieces for collectors and street-style stars alike: the bleu de travail or French worker jacket.

Royal-blue workwear jackets, the design of which is heavily indebted to the classic French working man’s jacket, are admirably simple and elegant.

What’s so remarkable about these jackets is that they simultaneously speak of beatnik creativity (it’s impossible to look at these jackets without thinking of the late, lamented New York photographer Mr Bill Cunningham) and salt-of-the-earth manual labour.

In reality, most of these jackets have origins in a number of different European countries. We currently have in stock pieces from France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic.

An often forgotten & more rare element of Blu De Travail is the matching trousers. Often wide-legged & in the classic shades of blue with the occasional red trim up the sides they are a unique and beautiful vintage piece themselves. 

Whether you prefer your chore jackets in moleskin, with visible repair patches, with logo's or simple & classic we have the perfect vintage Blu De Travail for you. 


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