The Origins of the Iconic Dickies Eisenhower Jacket

The Eisenhower Jacket has seen a resurgence in interest, no doubt since Kanye West famously donned the classic workwear jacket to the Met Gala in 2019. However the Eisenhower has it's roots in WW2 Military Dress. Originally designed by General Dwight Eisenhower as he attempted to improve US Military uniforms which he felt were restrictive and poorly suited to combat. He wanted a jacket that was practical yet still smart, and they would go onto to become standard issue from 1944 onwards. 

Post-War the jacket remained popular as other industries adopted the jacket as standard workwear for their employees. Eisenhower himself went onto become President of the United States which no doubt buoyed the popularity of the jacket. Dickies have stayed true to the original design ethos of the Eisenhower: rugged, versatile and smart. 

The Eisenhower's ubiquitousness lies in it's simple and paired down design, meaning it can be styled up or down by anybody. The Eisenhower makes an appearance in almost every major sub-culture and profession, be it Skaters, Musicians or Blue Collar Workers. Pair it with classic Levi's 501's and a t-shirt for day to day wear, or layer it under longer jackets for a smarter fit. 


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