Trucker Caps : An Americana Staple


The Trucker Cap comes from humble beginnings. They were originally given away by agricultural companies, such as John Deere, to truckers and customers from the farming industry in the early 1970s. The caps were cheap to manufacture with their simple mesh and foam construction, and are adjustable to fit any size of head. As well as being a token of good will from the company, they also served as an effective marketing tool, with large logos emblazoned across the crown cap. 

The caps would quickly become part of the 'uniform' of rural workers in the US. Not only did they protect the wearer from the sun, but the mesh and foam construction meant the hat was breathable while also absorbing sweat effectively. Many workers began collecting caps from different companies and promotions over the years, with some of the originals commanding high price tags on second hand platforms today! 

By the early 2000s the hats had infiltrated the suburban youth of America. Designer brands like Von Dutch began creating their own Trucker Caps with various embroidery and screen printing, and the style was adopted by Hip Hop, Punk and Skate sub-cultures. To this day agricultural companies still produce and give away Trucker caps, and remain a truly iconic piece of Americana. 


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